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Think of us as your inspired and creative marketing team without the employee costs and HR hassles. 

Who we are

Bees Knees Digital Marketing & Design are an Australian based team of digital and design specialists committed to client success.

Think of our passionate team of professionals as the digital marketing arm to your business, a seamless extension of your team. We are the inspired and creative marketing team delivering successful outcomes without the employee costs and HR hassles.

why choose us

All too many times, we have businesses come to us who started out thinking they could manage their digital marketing inhouse and then realise that it’s taking up valuable time that should be spent looking after customers.

We take the time to understand your business goals, your measures of success and your challenges. We review your current digital marketing presence and craft and implement a tailored strategy that will get your business noticed in all the right places for all the right reasons.

Customer Communications
18 yrs
Business Development
18 yrs
Graphic and Digital Design
15 yrs
Content Development
12 yrs
Community Management
12 yrs
Website Design & Development
10 yrs
Social Media Management
10 yrs
SEO & Adwords Management
8 yrs

Why Choose us?

Bees Knees Marketing and Design creates a hive of activity for your business. Our busy bees are hardworking and committed to producing a rich honey of rewards for you and your business.

We get a buzz from ensuring your business is the Bees Knees. Let us do what we do best, supporting you to do what you do best.

BEE Found

BEE Seen

BEE Heard

BEE Connected

BEE Updated
about us

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queen bee


creative manager


creative manager


UX/Web Design & Development Consultant


Paid Ads, and SEO consultant

Kate & Elisha

Social Media Team

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