The Buzz with Farah Mak, The Self Worth Movement



The Buzz with Farah Mak, The Self Worth Movement

S2 E1 Farah Mak, The Self Worth Movement

What a way to kick off season 2 – as we sprinkle a little sparkle around with the sensational Farah Mak

You may know Farah from our TV screens with roles in Love Child and Neighbours to name a few…. but Farah’s story goes so much deeper.

A survivor of domestic violence, a key-note speaker, a tv presenter, actor, voice over artist, mother: yes she is all these things … but perhaps she recently started her most purposeful journey as the passionate founder of the self-care movement

We have a lot to talk about and a lot to unpack as we welcome Farah Mak to the Buzz

Enjoy The Buzz with Farah Mak.

Karyn xx

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