The Buzz with Kate Merryweather, LinkedIn Coach



The Buzz with Kate Merryweather, LinkedIn Coach

S3 E5 Kate Merryweather

Kate Merryweather’s career progressed in a way that many of us would be familiar with.

Kate landed her first job

She loved it.

She was good at it and she worked really hard at it.

Everyone thought she was amazing and she began to climb the corporate ladder

…. And then like many before, she felt totally unsupported and as if she had to choose between her career and her new baby.

Kate made the right choice, and as she backed her self in, she worked out what she was great at and where she added value.

This is a story that starts on the bottom rung of the ladder and ends up as the infamous red headed linkedin coach.

Welcome to the buzz Kate Merryweather


Karyn xx

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